Connecting more deeply

An on-going group in Queen’s Wood with

Claire de Boursac


Are you hungry for community?

Could your relationships benefit from clearer communication?

Would you like to feel more calm, confident and comfortable in your own skin?

Do you want to feel more in touch with the natural world?


You’re invited to come together in community, in a beautiful cabin in Queen’s Wood -a tranquil, natural setting- to share stories, learn new skills and explore the natural world through the seasons.


This group is a place for self-discovery, learning and growth. Experienced psychotherapist, nature guide and well-being practitioner Claire de Boursac will support you to learn from your own deep wisdom and from each other. You will be introduced to useful theories and powerful practices to help you:


Connect more deeply to yourself:  Our most important relationship is with our self.  Yet, with the demands of life it often gets neglected.  Here, you’ll give it gentle attention, get to know your needs and honour your uniqueness. You’ll be better able to form healthy new habits to support your own well-being, including simple ‘me time’ practices.


Connect more deeply to others:  We’re social beings. Our interactions with others can be the source of great pleasure – and great pain.  We will explore interpersonal dynamics to better understand what’s going on in interactions. This can strengthen your empathy for the other and improve how you express your own needs.  You’ll learn effective communication tools to use in daily life.


Connect more deeply to the world around us:  By recognising how you’re impacted by your environment -be it workplace, home or wider landscape- you can support your own well-being by reducing elements that cause stress and overwhelm.  Through nature therapy practices and time in the beautiful woods, you’ll be able to tap into the powerful resources the natural world can offer.


The group meets 6 Wednesday mornings per term 9.30-12.00

Autumn 2019: 11th Sept, 25th Sept, 9th Oct, 30th Oct, 13th Nov, 27th Nov


The cost of the group is £300 per term

£150 deposit to secure place, full payment by start of the term.


To support the depth of this experience and sense of community, participants are invited to commit to at least 2 terms.


Claire de Boursac is passionate about the life-enhancing possibilities of deeper connection and has been working with this for many years with individual clients in her psychotherapy practice, in her nature-connection groups and through decluttering sessions with individuals in their homes.  In this group she will draw on the breadth of her training and experience with elements from psychotherapy, nature-connection, shamanism and meditation.


If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Claire on  If we’ve not worked together before, it would be good to meet before you sign up, either one-to-one or at the open day.