Meditation in Nature

Pause and find peace in nature

Find stillness in the heart of London by joining small group meditations in beautiful and serene pieces of nature across our bustling city.

These sessions include simple meditation techniques using breath, body awareness and a connection to nature.  Whether you are an experienced meditator, a complete beginner or anyone in-between, Meditation in Nature is for you.

Drop in on your way to work for a morning session, the perfect way to set the tone of the day.  Evening sessions can assist you to draw a line under the day, freeing you to enjoy your evening and a good night’s sleep.

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Nature can facilitate and deepen a meditation practice and participants at these sessions report finding meditation easier and more profound than usual. Neuroscientists have established that nature quietens the parts of the brain associated with rumination and stimulates the parts associated with empathy and compassion. It also lowers our heart rate and reduces stress levels. In essence, nature is our supportive meditation tool!

Bringing the practice out of the meditation room or yoga studio into the wider world, gently aided by Mother Nature, is a powerful step towards carrying an aware and compassionate state with us through our interactions of the day and our life in the city. 

Regular Meditation in Nature sessions will be returning shortly.  

Sessions are run at the Culpeper Community Garden in Angel, Islington.

To book an individual session, visit the meetup page

Meditation in Nature Testimonial

It was an amazing way to start the day. I felt very energized, centered and inspired.

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