Seasonal Self

 Thrive year-round by aligning with the seasons


Nature constantly changes and adapts to her surrounding conditions, gently accepting and embracing the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The cycle is essential for nature’s health, vitality and continued growth and while we know these seasons in nature, we rarely acknowledge that our own bodies reverberate to seasonal changes as well.

Nature represents stillness and simplicity in winter, growing energy and creativity in spring, blooming fullness during the summer months and a process of harvesting, releasing and slowing down in the autumn. 

Many of us will recognise our own personal impulses and patterns reflecting in this cycle.  Yet, with busy lives, established routines and a culture demanding consistency, we often struggle to notice and to respond to these changes within us.

The Seasonal Self session gives us a chance to pause and quietly consider how we are at this point in the year. Through meditations, rituals and conversations we explore our personal joys and challenges of the current season. 

With part of the session taking place outside, we draw on the wisdom of nature as we consider how best to respond to our cyclical rhythms in order to thrive.

The Seasonal Self was recently featured in Kindred Spirit magazine. Click here to download the article.


Seasonal Self Workshops


This group session offers the opportunity to slow down and focus, drawing together in community to explore the themes of the season; to share our personal experiences, stories and insights. We witness with others the discoveries we make about our own seasonal needs and how best to meet them.

These workshops take place at the lovely Cabin in Queen’s Wood (Highgate) with a section of the workshop taking place out among the trees.

Cost £35

2019 Seasonal Self Workshop dates:


Wednesday 17th July 9.30am-12.00


Wednesday 16th October 9.30am-12.00

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Sessions for individuals, couples or families

The beginning of a season provides a wonderful time for a check-in with yourself, with a loved one or as a family.

Sessions for corporate clients

Supporting your employees to thrive year-round makes business sense!  I offer bespoke programmes to fit the size and needs of your company, with options to include a company-wide or department-wide Seasonal Self workshop combined with short individual wellbeing-coaching sessions.  

Contact me to discuss bespoke sessions.

Seasonal Self Retreatscoming soon!

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Seasonal Self Testimonial

I love the way each session marks the progress of the year. They have helped me to keep grounded and to accept the changes in my life.

You can read more testimonials here