Nature connection without leaving the city

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Does your London life leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and longing for the space, calm and nurture of nature?

Do anxiety, stress and lack of creativity plague your workplace?

Glued to our screens, lost in to-do lists or the daily commute, we may long to feel more connected to the natural world, but not know where to start.

Science affirms the wisdom of our longing. Nature is an effective medicine for stress, anxiety and illness and a powerful boost to our mental and physical health. Studies show that we thrive when we’re connected to the outdoors.

Founder and well-being expert Claire de Boursac is passionate about the many ways nature can support our health right here in the city. Her uniquely crafted and accessible programs for groups, individuals and corporate clients distill years of experience as a psychotherapist, nature guide and life-long Londoner. Participants report greater vitality, more peace of mind and healthy new habits.

Claire’s unique and transformative work has been featured in publications such as Red magazine and Kindred Spirit.

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Forest Bathing

Relax your Mind.  Awaken your Senses. Nourish your Soul. 

Modelled on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, these relaxing and restorative two-hour sessions combine mindful awareness, meditation and nature-therapy. 

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Seasonal Self

Thrive year-round by aligning with the seasons.  

Through meditation, ritual and conversation we explore our true selves at this point in the cycle of the year; discovering what we need to be in tune with that season and to flourish   

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Meditations in Nature


Pause and find peace in nature

Taking place in parks and community gardens, these one-hour sessions invite a deeper connection to self and nature through gentle meditation practices.

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Nature as Nurture in the workplace

Nature as Nurture works with corporate clients to

  • Workplace wellbeing

    We offer a range of packages to support wellbeing of your staff from one-off workshop to year-long seasonal programmes.

  • Awaydays

  • Team-building

  • Launch events

  • Celebrations

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A testimonial from a recent forest bathing session

Before the session I felt really stuck at work and quite unmotivated with a lack of ideas and drive. On the next day I was full of inspiration and I felt like an internal blocking disappeared. Even right after our session, my body felt amazing as if it was radiating with a calm energy.

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