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Claire de Boursac

Nature-wellbeing practitioner, Humanistic Psychotherapist (BACP) and Walk for Health leader. 

"What I offer through Nature As Nurture is a partnership with nature.  I aim to guide and support people to receive nature’s wisdom and healing so that they can be more ‘well’ in every way."

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The pace of city life and living in an urban landscape can be exhausting and the amount of stimulation overwhelming, causing us to lose our natural balance. Even while sleeping, our bodies release stress hormones in response to the sound of sirens. Time after time, research confirms what we instinctively feel – nature calms, restores and energizes us.

Many Londoners yearn for the countryside and the restorative power of Mother Nature yet feel tied to city life. I completely understand this push-pull; my city coping strategy is to ensure healthy doses of nature and luckily, you don’t have to leave town to find a place where you can pause a while to absorb this positive, soothing force.

What I offer through Nature As Nurture is a partnership with nature.  I aim to guide and support people to receive nature’s wisdom and healing so that they can be more wholly who they are, more loving of self and more ‘well’ in every way. 

Nature is in a state of constant change; her cycles of birth, death and rebirth remind us that change is natural, necessary and healthy. Through nature’s lessons, we are comforted through loss and soothed through painful transitions.  Nature inspires us to grow into our fullest selves in order to thrive.

Meditation improves concentration and leads to better health and knowledge of self. It teaches us to detach from the meaningless and to connect with both others and ourselves. By combining meditation with nature, listening to the earth and to our bodies, finding stillness in the forest and achieving a higher level of mindfulness, I help you harness the power of our natural environment to your inner human energy.


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I’m a born and bred Londoner. Despite growing up in the city, I’ve always been a child of nature. Since my earliest years, earth beneath my nails and under my toes has brought delight and fired my imagination.

It’s no surprise then that nature is my place, my most sacred sanctuary, my deepest retreat and my wisest teacher. I’ve adventured, celebrated and healed in her ever-welcoming presence. I love her wildness, her strength, her fragility and her receptivity.  She continues to teach me to love and accept all these qualities (and more) in myself.

As a humanistic psychotherapist, I see a lot of clients struggling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  I noticed that when asked what they felt would help, many responded with ‘grounding’ or ‘stability’, using a tree or a mountain as metaphors for rooting. I’ve observed seasonal trends in people’s energy levels, desires and moods, often witnessing a tension and challenge with the change.  When we name and explore these shifts in terms of natural cycles, clients usually release their self-imposed pressure.  Allowing nature to guide their body rhythms supported greater mental and physical wellbeing. 

Nature entered my therapy practice organically and the next step was to complete nature-based psychotherapy training. For me, this was the completion of a circle, the natural progression of combining my own method of wellbeing in nature with my psychotherapy practice. In my nature work I also weave in my experience in various forms of meditation including mindfulness and shamanism.

There are pockets of verdant space where nature presides within our concrete metropolis. Come with me and pause a while, using this beautiful and healing place to soothe, process, reconnect and find our way back to self, wholeness and wellbeing.



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Sessions offered

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Forest Bathing

Relax your Mind.  Awaken your Senses. Nourish your Soul. 

Modelled on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, these relaxing and restorative two-hour sessions combine mindful awareness, meditation and nature-therapy. 

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Meditations in Nature 

Pause and find peace in nature

                                                              Taking place in parks and community gardens across the city, these one-hour sessions invite a deeper connection to self and nature through gentle meditation practices.

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Seasonal Self

Thrive year-round by aligning with the seasons

Through meditation, ritual and conversations we explore how we are at this point in the year and what we need in order to thrive this season.                          

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