Forest Bathing

Relax your Mind. Awaken your Senses. Nourish your Soul.

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The ancients worshipped trees for their magical powers and even today, we can feel the aura of wisdom and enchantment when we wander in forests and woodlands. Forest Bathing is about being slow and mindful and enjoying the wide-ranging benefits this state of wellbeing brings.

During this gentle session I will guide you through a series of ‘invitations’- carefully crafted exercises designed to help still your mind, heighten your senses and deepen your connection to the surrounding environment. Having found that soothing place, you’ll be invited to bathe in the overall serenity of the woods and to take a closer look at the finer details of nature around you. Calm, grounded and connected is the end result of a Forest Bathing session.

More about the origins and benefits of forest bathing below.

Next Forest Bathing dates:
17.00 -19.30 Saturday 7th September
9.30-11.30 Wednesday 18th September
9.30-11.30 Wednesday 2nd October
16.00-18.00 Sunday 6th October
9.30-11.30 Wednesday 6th November
9.30-11.30 Wednesday 4th December

More dates coming soon

Sessions cost £25 and last 2 hrs

No previous experience or special equipment is required. 

Sessions are held at

Queen's Wood, Highgate, London

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Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) has its origins in Japan. The powerful results of significant research in Japan impressed the Government with Shinrin-Yoku’s ability to reduce stress and improve health so much that they made Forest Bathing central to preventative healthcare and established 64 ‘healing forests.’ Studies show that a two hour session significantly:

  • reduce stress levels

  • lower heart rate

  • lower cortisol levels

  • strengthen the immune system

  • reduce depression

  • enhance wellbeing

  • increase empathy

  • increase creative thinking


Sessions last two hours, but the benefits remain much longer - participants feel the impact throughout the rest of their week and beyond.

Apart from my guidance, most of the session takes place in silence.  It’s an individual practice, enhanced by sharing the space with others.  There is an opportunity over a cup of herbal tea to discuss our experiences towards the end of the session.

While each session is unique and can be enjoyed as a one-off, the magical power of Forest Bathing is strengthened by making it a regular part of your wellness programme. Because nature, and we, are in a state of constant change, no two visits to the woods are ever the same. There is an enriching quality in observing the subtle variations of each session and you will leave embraced by positive vibrations that uplift and carry you forward.

Forest Bathing Testimonial

My body felt amazing as if it was radiating with a calm energy. The next day I was full of inspiration and I felt like an internal blocking disappeared

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